PKS  can be used as an alternative fuel for biomass-based combined heat and power plants to produce heat and power for:

  • Industrial boilers
  • Furnace & foundries
  • Residential & Commercial heating



  • High calorific value 14-20 000 kJ/kg
  • Very low ash content about 2%
  • Stable moisture content 10-20%
  • Non-absorbability
  • Resistance for crushing also in long-lasting shipping
  • Constant granulation curve
  • Constant granulation (similar to II A coal dust)
  • Advantageous apparent density – possibility to use also in bottom-blowing hearths
  • Inexpensive inner logistics (thanks to high calorific value)
  • Resistance for atmospheric conditions – no need to store inside
  • The possibility of regular deliveries
  • Blends well with coal dust
  • Far more resistant to rotting than wood