Stockpile – Malaysia (Kuantan)

Mine Biomass Sdn Bhd

Address: A1, 1st Floor Jalan Stadium, Kuantan 25200, Pahang, Malaysia

Storage Capacity Comprises of:

         15,000mt of Screened PKS in 70,000sqft covered concrete floor storage

         15,000mt of UnScreened PKS in 40,000sqft open-air hard surface storage

         30,000sqft open-air compacted ground for future storage expansion


CCTV & Secured Storage:

         21 CCTV surveillance camera to provide security and safety 24-hour monitoring of stockyard storage area 

Double Mesh Screener Machines

           Two sets of screening machine with a capacity of maximum 100mt per hour each

 In-House Moisture Analysis

         Two Moisture Analyser to perform cross Moisture testing


Address : PT 8886 , Mukim of Sungai Karang , Kampung Selamat , Balok Kuantan Pahang ( near of Gebeng Quary )